Nonahood News: Buddy Dyer for Orlando Mayor Campaign Announces new Endorsement

The Buddy Dyer for Orlando Mayor Campaign has announced last week (May 23rd, 2019) its new endorsement from the Orlando Regional REALTOR Association (ORRA).

As one of the largest trade associations in Florida, with more than 15,000 REALTORS in the region, ORRA has a mission to create an environment that elevates the professionalism and experiences of their members.

“The Orlando Regional REALTOR Association is proud to recommend Mayor Buddy Dyer’s candidacy to its members based upon his support of real estate issues,” said Jeff Fagan, ORRA’s 2019 President of the Board. “As REALTORS, we have made it our practice to help elect candidates who understand our industry and who are open to our input regarding real estate matters.”

For more information, contact Jessica Garcia at 407-335-9144.

View the original article here.

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