Nonahood News: Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer Files for Re-Election

Our current mayor, Buddy Dyer, will officially be on the ballot for re-election this upcoming voting season. On Nov. 5, the ballots will open, and Dyer will be contending with several other candidates for Orlando mayor.

Dyer has stated that, even though he knows that there is still more work to be done, he has never been more optimistic about the future of Orlando, and he is very proud of what has been accomplished. “Together with our commissioners, city employees, and business and community leaders, I am confident Orlando will remain one of the top job-growth markets and tourism destinations in the country,” said Dyer.

Mayor Dyer says he will continue to stay committed to improving our economy through programs such as the Main Street Program, which has created over 1,000 businesses, including the development in downtown Orlando called the Creative Village and the Medical City in Lake Nona.

A bit of background for our current mayor, Dyer is a Central Florida native. He graduated from Brown University and also from the University of Florida College of Law. Dyer served in the Florida Senate for 10 years before he was elected as mayor of Orlando. We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions to get to know his work even better.

NHN: What is your main objective to accomplish if you win this re-election?
Buddy Dyer: My objective is to continue the momentum we have built over the last 16 years so Orlando remains a great place to live, work and raise a family. I take great pride in our city and look forward to continuing to work side by side with our residents and business owners.

NHN: When you say there is more work to be done, can you give a few tasks at hand that you would like to personally see completed if re-elected?

BD: The expansion of transportation options for our residents, including connecting the SunRail to MCO. The continued enhancement of our public parks and green spaces throughout our neighborhoods. In Downtown Orlando, the completion of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts expansion, upgrades to Camping World Stadium, and the completion of the Creative Village.

NHN: What are your main focus points to continue making Orlando more innovative and sustainable?
BD: I am proud that Orlando has evolved into one of the greenest cities in America, and, in my next term, I plan to continue to foster a culture of innovation and creativity and to prioritize making Orlando a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable city by:

  • Reducing our use of fossil fuels and providing more renewable energy options for the community.
  • Working to modernize our regional recycling infrastructure and making it easier for residents and businesses to divert their waste from the landfill.
  • Expanding our bike and pedestrian corridors and urban trails throughout our city to protect our travelers from accidents. Our goal is zero pedestrian fatalities by 2040.
  • Enhancing our public parks and green spaces throughout our neighborhoods to improve outdoor recreation. Our goal is to have every resident live within a 10-minute walk to a green space.

NHN: If re-elected, how will you continue to keep the efficiency you have set in place?BD: We are continually exploring new technologies to keep our government running efficiently and to allow residents to seamlessly access city services.

NHN: What is in store for Orlando in the next several years?
BD: Orlando continues to see great growth and developments. In the next several years, we will remain focused on expanding transportation options throughout the city and ensuring that parks and open spaces are readily accessible for our residents to enjoy, including our two newest community parks in Lake Nona.

“Dyer has defined Orlando as the country’s new home for inclusiveness, opportunity, and quality of life, with a strong focus on innovation, safety, transportation, sustainability, and government efficiency.” – City of Orlando

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